Playing tour guide and getting dogs used to company

So for the next 10 days or so there may be some odd travel news but mostly I will be describing my efforts to play tour guide since my sister and her husband arrive in Korea today.

We’ve already had some changes to the beginning of the travel plan since we couldn’t go to the DMZ Tuesday like we planned. Now the DMZ tour is Wednesday so we might not stay out too late Tuesday night when we go party in Hongdae. Earlier Tuesday instead of the DMZ we’ll check out the crazily priced department store Corso Como and the Cheongdam area.

Of course, it is rainy season so there may be more changes…

One thing I’m wondering is if anyone has any tips an getting dogs used to guests. Our dogs go a bit nuts when strangers come over and one starts biting toes (he’s small). We’re bring the more sociable dog to the airport so she can meet my sister and her husband and get used to them some in the car.

Hopefully that leaves us with only the 13-year-old Yorkshire terrier to worry about (the toe-biter). We can’t bring him to the airport (he barks at everyone he sees and it gets very annoying real fast) so he’ll be getting used to them in our home. He has actually met my sister but we don’t think he’ll remember…

This also means no fireworks for me or my sister but I wish all Americans an excellent Independence Day.

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  1. Julie says:

    It seems everything worked out just fine with the dogs – better than expected at least. We’ll see if you can say the same after mom and dad visit!

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