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Here’s a guest article titled “Algarve/Lisbon Travel Guide”. I found it interesting and you can use the author’s personal experiences to plan your own trip to Portugal.

This is the travel plan of a recent seven day, family vacation to Portugal focusing on the Southern coast of the country known as the Algarve and the capital city, Lisbon.

Day 1.

Arrive at Faro Airport in the Southern, coastal City of Faro. We hired a car for the duration of the vacation, there are many places to hire a car in Portugal, although it is recommended to shop around a little as prices can vary. While in Faro we spent the afternoon looking around, there are many monuments and some beautiful beaches in the area which will keep all members of the family entertained, the locals were also very friendly. We then drove a short distance to our hotel and base for the vacation, Albufeira.

Day 2.

This was a ‘chill out’ day in Albufeira. There is plenty to do here, lots of shops selling anything from designer clothes to local hand made crafts, there is also no shortage of places to eat. What ever takes your fancy you are sure to find a restaurant that suits you. Albufeira also has a fairly lively nightlife so is also a good place to let your hair down.

Day 3.

Arguably the best day of the vacation was the visit to ‘Zoo Marine’ in nearby town Portimao. We spent the whole day there and is a place that people of all ages can enjoy. While there I highly recommend taking in the dolphin and Sealion shows, they were hugely entertaining – just be prepared to get wet if you sit at the front!

Day 4.

A coach trip to the Capital City of Portugal, Lisbon. Lisbon is a truly awe inspiring city, packed full of history and is a must visit. There is so much to see and do, shops, restaurants, museums and narrow medieval streets are all in abundance – make sure you go on the ‘city tour’ so you don’t miss anything.

Day 5.

A trip to the beautiful Monchique mountains. With breathtaking views it is well worth a drive through, beatiful scenery and excellent mountainside restaurants where you can kick back and relax.

Day 6.

Time to take in what was thought to be the most Western point of civilisation until the dicovery of the Americas, the Town of Sagres. There seems to be sort of a ‘mystique’ around the town and has some amazing views – there are also excellent beaches in the area.

Day 7.

For the final day we visited the bustling city of Lagos. There are amazing hidden little beaches all up the coast of the Algarve but we found the best one here. We had a secluded beach all to ourselves for the whole morning – fantastic. Spent the afternoon in the lively town center where there is absolutely loads going on – watch out for the street entertainers – very amusing! We then headed back to Faro Airport to depart after a fantastic vacation.

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