Pre-vacation dog-sitting decisions

Taking lengthy vacations was much easier when we had family members willing to watch our dogs. They are now retiring from dog-sitting so we’re left with the vet or various pet hotels and things.

To complicate things our older boy started showing symptoms Thursday night and has been diagnosed with a displaced bladder (muscles have atrophied and can’t hold the bladder where it belongs anymore). This is not his only health problem – just he latest. We chose to leave them in a pet hotel near Incheon Airport. Our two dogs get a suite all to themselves and daily walks.

The downside is that there won’t be anyone keeping an eye on them at night and that there’s no 24 hour vet nearby anyway. None of our dogs currently known health conditions are likely to lead to an emergency so it’s a gamble we’re willing to take. To get the 24 hour vet access we’d have to leave them in a cage at our vet.

Next time I think we’ll be vacationing separately (like when my wife went to Hawaii) so that one of us can stay home and watch the dogs, though I suppose a shorter trip (like when we went to Tokyo for a week) isn’t out of the question.

Anyhow, I may have time for another blog before getting on the plane or my next blog entry might come from Finland.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Have a safe flight…the dogs will be fine! I know it can be a problem though. When my Shih-Tzu Gizmo was young,we put him in a kennel which he loved. He had a huge room and a long run outside, plus there was a little girl dog in the next room. They had great fun tossing their toys through the bars. But later when he had health problems, I could only leave him with my daughter. As time went on, a long vacation was just out of the question. I wouldn’t leave him and a vet’s cage would have totally traumatized him. Try not to worry though,have fun!

  2. David says:

    We are always able to find an appropriate person to stay in our home with our dogs when we travel. It works out pretty well and is less expensive.

  3. Rhonda Peterson says:

    Now I bet that was a difficult decision to make. It sounds like travel is the one thing that the two of you really enjoy doing together.

    Your a cleaver guy though… with your hand in the information highway. I bet you will find another way.

    p.s. Sorry to hear about the issues with your dog. We had a German Shepard with similar issues. It was very difficult when we finally gave in and had him put down.

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