customer service and fraud protection off to a very weak start

Yesterday I wrote about an apparent case of fraud involving fake reservations that were emailed to me (but were in my father’s name) and I alerted via the form on their website.

I labeled the problem fraud, but the reply I got was from customer service, It was an entirely inadequate form letter that didn’t address the fraud issue at all.

Dear Mr. Trotta,

Thank you for taking the time to send us an e-mail. We understand that

you feel that you did not make any reservation for a trip with Priceline

and it is fraudulent e-mail.

Our records indicate that you are neither an authorized contact nor a

reservation holder on the request.

In order to maintain the security of our customer records, you will need

to provide at least two of the following pieces of information before we

can answer specific questions regarding this request.

– Email address used to submit a request

– Last 4 digits of the credit/debit card used to place the request

If you can provide this information, we will address any specific

questions about the request; otherwise we will only be able to answer

general questions.

We thank you for understanding the security measures we have instituted

for your protection.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Vimesh A.

Customer Service Specialist

Now how am I suppose to produce the email address used to submit the request or the last 4 digits of the credit/debit card used to place the request if I didn’t place the request?

I suppose we have come to expect horrible customer service and supreme idiocy from large corporations like but this is a bit crazy.

Now I have to try to track down a phone number for Priceline because something tells me that making myself understood by email will be too time consuming while I am on vacation.

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  1. Dan says:

    Here is the number: 1-800-774-2354

    I have had to call them a few times. Be prepared for a little bit of frustration. You love them when things are working well, but if you have to call them, it definitely isn’t too fun.

  2. Roger says:

    Boy sure wish everybody would stop with the rude comments and understand there really is a problem but guess others just think I’m being rude and not very aceptive but wait what if

  3. Roger says:

    Hey Rog you have the same problem as I do have you ever thought it could be your server I had the same problem when I refuse to lie but guess what else now everybody thinks I’m uneducated fool and after two years of others jerking my string that it will stay that way .My answer is nota hold on guy there will be brighter lights but if you feel as I the working togather with these people would be diffcult .Guess them playing my x music everyday everywere I go that I would be crazy by now.They call her a general and my thoughts her and Scott along with others are mere criminals with DDN support ,kinda wish I had never shared my personal feelings but man its to late .Well enough about me just hope others do not suffer because of this as for me I’m past caring for they just pull me down good luck guy keep strong

  4. Joel says:

    I have been trying for more then four mths to get my money back since my wife had a heart attack and could not use the ticket. They called me on the phone and varified the refund would be 10 to 20 days coming, I am still waiting and keep getting the run around!!! I hate Priceline crooks!!! It would have been better to have been refuse, but to be told I would get the refund and never doing it STINKS!!!

  5. L Flores says:

    PRICELINE SUCKS! Booked a vacation for family and two of the five could not travel due to illness. Apart from losing the $$ for the trip, I was charged a $300.00 cancellation fee (was supposed to be $150.00) and have made over 7 phone calls inquiring about being refunded a fraction of the cost. All in all, the credit will end up being about $70 for a weeks worth of lodging for two people. At this time, I think my time and energy are more than the credit is worth. Everyone has to review notes and no one can give me an answer! I echo the person who says it’s fine unless you have a problem w/the booking — in which case — GOOD LUCK! Ugh! Will NEVER use PRICELINE AGAIN!!!!!

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