Product review: AllergEase

I’ll keep my review fairly short and then post a list of ingredients and stuff in case some of you want to try this product. I took Allergease because I’m allergic to cats, dust, and pollen. I think pollen is the biggest threat at the moment. Some days I’m not really bothered but other days I sneeze like crazy. I’ve tried Allergease about three times, taking one to three drops whenever my allergies were bothering. All three times, I thought I felt some relief. Also, at the moment, you can enter their contest if you have a picture of yourself holding some Allergease, so it’s not a bad time to try it out.

Here are most of the ingredients, the ones that are supposed to do something for you:

Eyebright – A wild plant native to Europe’s open meadows, eyebright has been used since the 12th Century to provide natural relief for itchy, irritated eyes associated with hay fever.

Menthol – This organic compound occurs naturally in peppermint and other mint oils, and has been used for centuries to provide soothing relief for itching and burns.

Elderflower – Ancient Romans used Elderflower for medicinal purposes, boiling the leaves to create a tea for treating coughs, colds and hay fever.

Vitamin C – For centuries, sailors suffered from scurvy, a Vitamin C deficiency, until discoveries were made connecting a diet rich in citrus fruits with scurvy prevention. It was not until the 20th Century, however, that affordable, mass production of Vitamin C was able to boost the immune systems of millions.

Plantain – Not to be confused with banana plantains, this plant is a common weed that is indigenous to Eurasia. Europeans settlers brought it to New Zealand, where it was nicknames
“English Man’s Foot” because it spread easily wherever the settler’s went.

Nettle – Native to Europe, North American and some parts of Asia, this popular herb has been used since the Middle Ages to manage inflammation and combat allergy symptoms.

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