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I recently had an opportunity to review the Hot Iron Holster pictured below. To test it, all I did was stick it on my bathroom counter-top, fill it with stuff, and wait. After a week or so I’m pretty confident saying that this thing will do what it’s supposed to do and remain in place. I don’t think I’m adding it to my list of must-pack travel items but I’ve seen my share of small hotel bathroom sinks so i appreciate the extra storage this thing provides is luggage space isn’t an equal or greater issue. I won’t comment on value in this review – the product targets a niche market, which I am not truly a member of. But I imagine those of you who travel with hot hair curling things have an idea of how much you would pay for a safe place to put your hot stuff.

You might be wondering – Why hot pink Jim? Well I’ll tell you why whether you were wondering or not: Hot Iron Holster is celebrating PINK this October and November by donating a portion of proceeds to the American Cancer Society for purchases of their PINK Hot Iron Holster.

A pink Hot Iron Holster sample

A pink Hot Iron Holster sample

The Hot Iron Holster is a brand new travel and beauty product that solves the problem of where to put hot styling tools. The heat resistant silicone Holster provides a convenient way to keep hot styling tools organized and safe while on the go. The proprietary silicone material allows the Hot Iron Holster to cling to any smooth surface without suction cups or adhesives. So if you’ve ever tried to get ready on an airplane lavatory, the Holster can hold all the tools & toiletries that you need.

The product is heat resistant up to 500 degrees F and can be used during heat up, while styling hair, and for cool down. The Hot Iron Holsters adds counter space to pedestal sinks, brings order to cluttered counter tops, and makes a perfect gift for women everywhere. The product comes in pink, purple, black, and white and has a suggested retail price of $24.95.

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