Proposal for travel show – real budget travel expereinces

Here is my initial idea for a travel show to be aired on the Travel Channel or wherever. It is based on the comments on Mancunian´s last post. I´m just going to jot down my initial ideas. As you know, I am on vacation and can´t spend too much of my time in Madrid in the PC room. I hope that you will add your ideas ni the comments section so that together we can create a good proposal for a travel show we actually want to see…

The goal of my plan here is to get a travel show with real people trying to travel on a budget and enjoy their vacation at the same time.

First, each show follows a traveler for 2 episodes, say an hour each as they plan and go on vacation.

Second, some shows focus on single travelers, some on couples, some on families (singles or couples with kids).

Third, each traveler gets a budget for their vacation. Maybe $2,000 for singles, $2,500 for couples, $3,000 for families.

Fourth, the couple pays for the vacation themselves.

Fifth if the traveler does not go over budget, the show covers all vacation expenses. If the traveler goes over budget they get nothing from the show and they pay their own credit card bill or whatever.

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  1. dannyol says:

    I’d need a bigger budget for Paris than, say Bulgaria.

  2. Jill says:

    Love the premise! However, I think perhaps an hour show just watching them plan wouldn’t be as interesting.

  3. Jacque says:

    Good idea…and make sure some of the travelers are over 60.

  4. Laura says:

    Love the idea! Be sure to mix up the destinations – S. America, parts of S. Asia & Eastern Europe are a lot easier to do on a budget than Europe, parts of the US & Canada, and Japan. I’m all for it – where do I sign up?!

  5. jrpipe says:

    Great Idea!!! I’d love to see something like this…..they could actually spin off several different shows from this one idea.

  6. James Trotta says:

    Thank you for the comments. It´s true that some places are more expensive to visit than others, Paris and Bulgaria fopr example. It would be part of the interest to see who wants to spend a week in Bulgaria and have little to worry about money-wise and who wants to go to Paris for 5 days and try to do it on the cheap.

    Or the show could just give more money based on your destination.

    The first hour would hopefully not be all planning. Maybe 15 minutes planning – just the key decisions really and 45 minutes vacation.

    As for the travelers, the more variety the better. One week a college kid traveling alone, nexst week a retired couple, next week a couple with a kid and a dog, etc. Different traveling philosophies, ages, races, sexual orientations, economic situations, etc.

  7. Deryn Mize says:

    Hi, I always travel alone and have to think of safety issues as a woman. Would the budget include the flight? I love my vacations and prefer to do more on a limited budget rather than 1 big expensive trip. Eating a buffet breakfast & late lunch is always cheaper than eating in the evening etc.

    It’s a great idea.

  8. Beno says:

    there is a program that is currently airing on one of our South Indian satellite channels, Asianet, where a guy traveled to 55 countries in 10 years and he is showing videos of his travel with commentary to viewers in order for them to learn more about a certain country or where to go when they visit.

  9. rob says:

    i like this idea a lot…very similar to an idea i posted about the need for more travel shows on a budget (again, i cant always afford to taxi from destination to destination or eat in restaurants when travelling). one thing that is key for this sort of show is showing the modes of public transport (i.e. it would have been helpful to get some imagery of the Seoul underground prior to getting on it during rush hour…)

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