Quick question: country or city vacations?

Well I just arrived at my university’s Yong In campus to work on some test questions. I normally teach at the Seoul campus. Seoul, of course, is a 13 million person city. Yong In is more country – lots of trees and open fields and stuff.

On the way here I was talking to a professor from Salzburg who prefers country living to city living. That got me thinking about vacations – I usually vacation in city areas because they are close to airports. Every once in a while I’ll fly in to wherever and then take a bus or whatever to someplace relatively far away from an airport. But not usually.

So I thought an informal survey here would be interesting. When you travel do you see more city or more countryside?

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  1. Rodney Cintron says:

    The countryside is nice and I enjoy the views while traveling from country to country, but I prefer the city.

  2. Jill says:

    Overseas, I have only ever spent time in cities. Not only is it proximity to airports, but it’s also due to a lack of time usually. Here in the U.S., most of our sightseeing is done in the country, specifically in national parks and natural recreation areas. This summer we hope to go snorkeling in the Dry Tortugas.

  3. Jim says:

    For most destinations, particularly those in Europe and possibly in Asia for example, there is no question that the capitals are the destination of choice, particularly for a first visit. Certainly countryside can be quaint, but most all the culture, art, and history, the essence of these countries are concentrated in their capitals. Who could waste time in the English or French countryside when London or Paris awaits? Only after these venues are thoroughly explored would I extend my travels beyond.

    On the other hand, if the destination is someplace like in Africa, or Central America perhaps, then the goal would be to get as far away from the center of almost any city as fast as possible for the best travel experience.

  4. Kristina says:

    I’ve found that I’ve had the best vacation memories away from larger cities. On my trips to San Francisco, I’ve ventured down to Monterrey or up to the wine country (more Russian River valley than Napa). When I visited London, I took a train up to York. During my honeymoon to Ireland, my husband and I spent two weeks driving throughout the Irish countryside. I think venturing outside of a city allows you to connect with the culture and citizens of the area without the glitzy tourist areas.

  5. Sharon says:

    I think it does depend upon the country you visit. Some cities – NYC, Vegas, Paris, London, etc. -have so much to offer. But, going to the countryside is a must in places like Mexico, Greece, and many others. I usually do some of both.

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