Reader question: how to get from New York to Vieques in Puerto Rico

Let me first say that I really enjoy your blog/. I travel a lot for work, but hardly take vacations. Your blog lets me see what it is like to have fun when you travel.

I am planning on taking a summer vacation to the Puerto Rican island of Vieques. Could someone give me some advice about going there from New York. I would like to spend more money on activities and food, than I would on the actual travel.

This question was submitted by JB – can anyone help out?

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  1. jojo says:


    We went last year to PR and had a great time! You will no doubt fly into San juan from New York. From there, you can a) get a plane to Vieques (there are several small airlines that fly there daily – just google on the web) b)take a ferry from San Juan – a lot longer, but cheaper c) rent a car at the airport and drive to Fajardo where you can get an inexpensive ferry ride over to Vieques.

    We drove from San Juan to Farjardo, roads are great, just like here, its maybe 60 miles from San Juan. If you have time you really should visit the Carribean Natl Rain Forest (EL Yunque) not that far from Farjardo – stunning place! Be prepared to hike for the best scenery.

    There is also a great public beach on the way to Farjardo, can’t think of the name but it was clean and beautiful and there are clear signs to get you there.

    I think the ferry to Vieques was about 45 mins – its enclosed with plenty of room for your luggage. We also went to the island of Culebra – stunning beaches, great snorkling, tiny little island.

    Vieques was great too, with stunning, wild beaches, especially with a Jeep you can visit the more remote places around the old Naval bases.

    In Vieques, too, try to take a night tour to the bay to see the little organisms that glow around you in the water – the bioluminecent bay tour – amazing!

    Happy travels!

  2. DHH says:

    Today is only June 7, 2007, how come your question and comment was posted on June 8, 2207?


    We also visited Vieques in April, 2007. Jojo was right on the button. Great comment and suggestions.

  3. Daid Mcnamara says:

    My wife and I have been to the island a few times. The first couple of times we were at the Crows Nest then the last time was at the Martineau Bay Resort. We love it, the beaches are great, restaurants super an dthe people are friendly. We went from New York to San Jaun on Continental then Care Air from San Juan to Vieques. The best part was that are luggage arrived with us. Beautiful Island, enjoy and savour the taste of the Caribbean in a US territory, plus you don’t need a passport.

  4. Steven Lofing says:

    Oh so beautiful is PR., you will be amazed that an island so close to the mailand has the the views and wonder of the carribean. Don’t forget to plan time for sightseeing in old San Jaun, along with the fortress. One note of caution…the language is closer to true Spain than mexico, so when you see PARE it means stop instead of Alto as our baja neighbors use.

    All in all, it is an event to remember and you will miss the seafood after you go home… i still do and i have been there 3 times.

  5. James Trotta says:

    About the times – I am in Korea which is either 13 or 14 hours ahead of EST. I set my blog for Korean time so it seems weird to everyone who reads it (mostly Americans). Not sure why I did that but I was thinking of how you can buy a 2008 car in 2007… Anyway, three+ years later and I’m still doing it on Korean time (GMT + 9).

    Thanks for the tips on Puerto Rico everyone!

  6. jose says:

    the best way take a plane from newyork to puerto rico take a taxi to farjardo then pay two dollars on the boat thats the cheapest way too get to vieques and you will enjoy the boat ride and the people you mingle with.

  7. Irma Medina says:

    I am a native of the Vieques Island. In 2005 the last military base was finally shut down and after so many years Vieques is a very quiet and beautiful place to be. The locals are friendly and the beaches are cristal clear. Yes, There is no other Bio-bay like the one Vieques has. It is the most beautiful experience your eyes can see when there is no light; no moon…Once you get into the bay at night, there is nothing but Glowing in the most beautiful blue color you have ever seen. It is an unique experience for like $10.00 dollars per person. Visit Vieques.

  8. GORDON NEWELL says:

    Hello, 5 years ago I went to Vieques, back then you didn’t have the option to fly out of San Juan unless it were a private charter. You had to cab it to Fajardo with no time to spare to catch a flight over.

    Have the options changed, allowing departures from the San Juan airport? and does anyone have schedule or airline info?

    Thanks in advance!

  9. J B says:

    First of all, thanks to James for his help with this and posting my questions/concerns. Also, thanks to all the people who replied. This is a great blog/site and we should continue to support it!

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