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My fiancé and I are trying to book a vacation in the Caribbean for about 4-5 days flying from NYC. I’m looking at waterview room for 2 of us Atlantis Coral Tower Paradise Island at the end of May for 4 nights for a total of $1960 (fees/taxes included).

I was there a few years ago and stayed at the Royal Towers. They area bit nicer and newer, but Coral Towers are nice too. The whole place is great. Expensive, but worth it.

Does anyone have experience at Coral Tower? How does it compare with the Royal Tower? Do we have access to all the amenities that those that stay at Royal Tower have?

I’m thinking about the cheaper rooms since I probably won’t be in the room much except to go to sleep, the beauty of the resort is the resort itself.

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  1. Annette says:


    Who cares what tower as long as you are at the Atlantis Hotel.Spend more time on the Beach. Thats the best room

  2. Linda Bator says:

    The main difference is the location. This tower is closest to the Kids’ Club, so most families prefer staying here. And it is also closer to the snorkeling lagoon and marina. It tends to be a little quieter here, as the Royal Tower is the towere most associated with the resort in photo layouts and on ads (so most popular with those who associate it with the property). The Royal Tower is closer to the Mayan water slide, the Dig and the 2 main pools.

  3. Beverly says:

    You have answered your own question.

    “The whole place is great”.

  4. Pat says:

    I stayed at the Coral Towers, its OK. Your there for the beach etc…Room was very nice. Sheets, were extrodinary. Weird, but I remembered that. Hardly in the room anyway….A bit of a walk to the beach, but nice. ENJOY….

  5. Dave says:

    You have access to all of the Atlantis amenities if you stay at any of the towers. We stayed in Coral Towers and were definitely NOT imprseed with the room given the price. Think slightly run-down Holiday Inn room and you have Coral Towers. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t good either. However, I hear that none of the Atlantis rooms are all that great. But our view was fantastic and Coral Tower is right in the middle of things. Basically, you are paying for the waterscape and atmosphere more than the room.

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