Reader’s Digest Off the Beaten Path Review

I like this book. The first thing I noticed was that it looked fancy, like a coffee table book designed to impress people but that’s not really practical. It’s a little too big and heavy to carry around with you as a guide book.

So I opened it up ready for some nice pictures and I did find those. But I was also pretty impressed with the content. They basically list some attractions in each of the 50 states that would be nice to see but that aren’t considered “big” tourist attractions. I found some things in my home state of New York that I had never heard of and that sound pretty good.

To give you an idea, they have 28 things listed in the New York section, pages 238-247. I had heard of the Cloisters Museum in Manhattan (part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art) and the Museum of the City of New York, also in Manhattan (on Museum Mile I think – at least around there).

So I was pretty impressed – I mean that’s2 out of 28 in New York, a state with which I’m pretty familiar. I looked at a few other states including California and Alaska. I’d heard of several things in Alaska – Glacier Bay was the highlight of my cruise a while back and Denali National Park was mentioned when I started working on a travel plan for Alaska. And everyone has heard of Juneau. Yet, because these things are in Alaska I guess I have to agree that they are kind of off the beaten path though they will certainly be crowded with tourists during cruise season.

Overall, while you might recognize a few names in the book, I imagine that most everyone here will learn about a bunch of new places and some of those new places will make it on to your list.

So there’s good travel content, plus it looks much nicer than other books like 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. I mean I have that book too and it’s interesting (maybe even slightly more interesting because it covers international destinations) but I think Off the Beaten Path has it beat. The travel info, although it only covers the US, is interesting and covers more obscure places plus the pictures, paper quality, and hardcover make it just a nicer book overall.

Plus if you buy it on Amazon, the price is about $20, only $7 more than the 1,000 Places book. I’m happy I have both, but Off the Beaten Path is for reading and impressing friends.

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  1. JD says:

    Bought the book, took it home, and it looks like so many others I already have. Mostly State Parks which have the same info but easier to find on the WEB. Taking it back today!

  2. […] while back my mom reviewed Reader’s Digest off the Beaten Path. So I recently moved to America and saw the book for the first time. Impressive looking hardcover, […]

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