Recent TSA news: cupcakes, swords, and candy

A few days old but worth a quick mention: a woman has managed to get in the news after TSA confiscated her cupcake. Personally, while this is certainly a story I’d tell my friends, I’m not sure I’d bother getting interviewed by reporters and everything over a cupcake.

Still the concern that TSA doesn’t know exactly what they’re doing seems to be a valid one. The cupcake doesn’t prove much of anything letting someone fly with a sword does. At least they noticed the second time.

I don’t know if this is their defense or just plain stupid but…TSA released a statement saying, “The biggest threat to aviation today, explosives and explosives components. While edge weapons such as swords remain a prohibited item it will not cause catastrophic damage.”

So let’s not worry about swords on planes?

In other strange TSA news stories (this one links to a video), “84-year-old Lenore Zimmerman says TSA agents demanded she be strip searched at New York’s JFK Airport, even though she was in a wheelchair with a walker. The TSA says no strip search happened.”

He said, she said?

And since we started with cupcakes, might as well end with candy.

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