Recommend some travel apps for Samsung Galaxy S please

My wife just got a smart phone, a Samsung Galaxy S. Can some of you recommend some good travel apps?

Iphone only travel apps would interest me also because I do not yet have a smart phone. I could get a Samsung or an Iphone so if the Iphone has far superior travel app options I would like to know.

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  1. Giant says:

    NYCMate for NYC transportation maps and times… great app. You could probably find a similar app for any major city you plan to visit. If you drive in any major city, Best Parking maps out parking garages and their rates.

    Tripit let’s you keep track of your travel itinerary

    and can even notify you of flight changes and/or offer alternatives.

  2. John the Regulator says:

    Continental’s app is the best among the airlines currently. They offer flight status, timetables, boarding passes, a listing of your itineraries, booking capability, and great maps of every airport they fly to.

    Available only for iPhone right now but android version in development.

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