Removing landmines in Cambodia

Here’s a vacation experience from Bill Morse (who has contributed a Kilimajaro & safari itinerary, his Kilimajaro experience, plus organized a Mekong River cruise).

This one involves AK47s, mines, mortar rounds, and police raids. Talk about an eventful vacation…

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  1. joe says:

    i wish as americans we could go pick up our explosives so little woman and children do not step on our mines and either dye or get parts blown off , come on these are our mines and bombs , lets do what is right JOE

  2. Bill Morse says:


    You are absolutely right. A lot of these mines are ours, but they were also made in china, russia, vietnam, camboida, thailand and france. This is truly international terrorism.

    But you’re right. Nations need to clean up their trash.


  3. Roberto Ravn says:

    I have been 2 ½ year in the danisk army in the

    ingenior trops, and 1 year in cyprus as a UN soldier, where whe also cleand minefils. Is there a organisation, where i can assist, in cambodia or

    where in the word it´s neaded. I don´t nead anny salary, i have some saving, so if anybody know a organisation that neds volentiers, please mail me.

    Best regads

    Roberto Ravn


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