Resale timeshare investigation

When I wrote about vacation timeshares a few days ago, some people warned me against buying a timeshare and more people told me it would be a great idea.

The most specific advice I received was to buy a resale timeshare that was a member of RCI. Resale timeshares are less expensive than new ones and RCI timeshares can be exchanged.

So I found some very cheap timeshares in Puerto Vallarta, from 500 (studio floating May – October) to 1,600 dollars (1 bedroom Gold – Even or Gold Odd). Annual fees range from 500 to 630 dollars.

Of course, ideally I’d like to find a cheap place somewhere I actually want to go. Puerto Vallarta is not high on my list (it’s famous for shark fishing and golfing, two things I don’t really want to do).

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  1. Colleen says:

    I own a lot of timeshares. Flexibility in your destination as well as off peak times of travel is the key to great exchanges.

    We were lucky enough to find a red week in Virginia Beach for 250 bucks on ebay. The annual maint. is low at 375 per year. All of our timeshares were purchased based on my less than 400 dollar per year maint. criteria. Hard to find…but possible.

    I’ve never been disappointed with the many vacations we’ve taken for 500 or so a week. You have to factor in the 100 buck exchange fee and RCI membership as well.

    Enjoy your journeys.


  2. DALE CAMPBELL says:


  3. Tom says:

    I have attended many timeshare presentations for the awards..The one I liked the best was a gift of $100 for each of us..These are always new timeshares for sale ..I finally bought one timeshare (resale) Trendwest for 50 percent of the new price..I always check the maintence fee..Generally you can stay at any of the nice vacation spots around the U.S. for the same or even less than the cost of the timeshare including the maintenance fee..By the way the maintenance fee for my timeshare has been increasing..The other consideration is resale..Obviously you can lose a bundle if you buy new and pay the full price and have to sell it..

  4. Kit Mallen says:

    Timeshare ownership is not all it’s cracked up to be. The big sales feature is the exchange option. It doesn’t work for me. RCI is expensive and has been unable to find a spot for me even though I’ve “banked” my week a year in advance. Only buy a timeshare in a place that you actually want to spend time in every year.

  5. LaReine Johnston says:

    My philosophy regarding timeshares is to buy one within driving distance. That way you can always afford to go there. In 1980 I bought one of the first timeshares on the Southern California coast, Laguna Beach and thru the years I’ve always been able to either spend time there or exchange it. The only extra expense was the tank of gas. A tip for new buyers on an established timeshare: check for a bulletin board where owners put their timeshare for sale- alot cheaper and interesting to see how many are for sale.

  6. Dan Trivino says:

    We purchased a timeshare in DelRay Beach Fl on A1A about four years ago on the internet, maintenance is $640 and have used it yearly. Just purchased a secound week, we now own week 12 & 13 total price to buy $3800. If I were to rent for one week the going price is $1450 per week. Also we are RCI members. Seems like a good deal to me>

  7. Norma Gordon says:

    We have had our timeshare in Orlando since 1990.

    We found that RCI is useless to us. You have to pay a huge annual fee and also a fee to exchange, and have never been able to get what we want.

    So I visit Orlando every year and enjoy my timeshare.

  8. Barrie Bartulski says:

    Be aware of hidden costs associated with exchanges. Transient taxes, parking and other unforseen charges will add substantially to your cost. In addition, travel expenses to get to your destination must be considered. I have a timeshare and costs are getting so high I will be selling very soon (to who I do not know, since there is not a readily available market for resales and in most cases it is at a loss.

  9. Linda Wagner says:

    I also own a Timeshare and found RCI is good, but sometime back I found an online site of people with Timeshares exchanging on their own without the middle man.(RCI) I lost that link and could never find it again. It is a good place to find nice exchanges with no exchange fee and a nice place to meet owners and find out about differant and exciting places they may have visited. If anyone can help me find this Owner Timeshare site I would greatly appreciate it.

    Linda Wagner

  10. Maurice Frank says:

    I own a timeshare week with westgate resorts. What is the best way to sell???

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