Rescuing a stray: guaranteed to complicate any travel plan

Today we drove about an hour from Jinju to Hadong. We were checking out some vacation cabins that the town of Hadong put up to attract tourists. We might take a kind of family vacation there later this summer.

We had brought Libby, the stray we rescued in Seoul a few years back and as I was walking her around the cabins there my wife pointed out an unleashed dog I had to be careful of (in case he was a biter). As I got closer though, I saw that he was in pretty bad shape. He sniffed our direction but I picked Libby up since you never know about rabies or anything like that.

The stray quickly gave up on us and started eating mud. A few minutes later he was on my wife’s lap, wrapped in her brother-in-law’s windbreaker on his way to Jinju. Tonight he is at the vet – he needs blood work and a trim and probably some other medical things. Mostly he needs a loving home but I know from experience that finding a family to adopt him may not be easy.

The complication is that we never finished deciding on the Hadong cabins so the family vacation is still up in the air. Plus we know have an added complication in planning our return trip from Jinju to Seoul… But things could always be more complicated – like if we had tried to bring a stray cat back from Istanbul.

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  1. Rescuing someone especially pets doesn’t bother me at all. I might reschedule my trip just to help out.

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