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A tourist from Queensland, Australia, Ms. Corby, is on trial in Bali. She allegedly smuggled in some maijouana. Australians are very upset, not because countries like Indonesia, Malyaisa, and Singapore are very strict and often put drug offenders to death, but because they don’t believe Ms. Corby is getting a fair trial.

Tony Foster is a travel agent making the news:

Tony Foster, who is also mayor of Brighton, said he was outraged at the “kangaroo court” trial of Queensland woman Ms. Corby in Bali.

Mr Foster, who expects Ms Corby to be found guilty, said he was horrified at the seven-month saga since she was charged with smuggling marijuana into the tourist island.

It seems that most Australians beieve she is innocent but will be found guilty. If I were planning a trip to Indonesia (or any country with an unfamiliar justice system), I would do some research before traveling.

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