Retiring in Riviera Maya, Mexico

So I’ve blogged about Riviera Maya and Playa Carmen’s Ikal Del Mar and Shangri-la Caribe. Now the same area is making the news as a retirement area for Americans who want to go somewhere warmer and cheaper.

The article does mention that foregners can easily run into difficulty buying Mexican land. You’ll need certain documents, a good lawyer, and a trust or fideicomiso.

For an indication of property prices:

Austin developer Greg Schnurr recently launched Los Arboles, the first big master-planned community in Tulúm, where he’s carving 250 five-acre sites out of the jungle. (Though it isn´t near the beach and lacks some permits, he has pre-sold 31 of the lots, which go for US$50,000 each, mostly to Americans and Europeans.)

The idea of wrecking jungle so that Americans can retire in Mexico bothers me but I do understand the attraction of the fairly inexpensive lots. I wonder how much it will cost to build on them if they ever get the permits…

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  1. Jim says:

    $50,000 will but one a very nice acreage lot just outside of a major city in Texas. For a small amount more one can get a waterfront lot on a local lake

  2. steve says:

    I’m with Jim. $50K for 5 acres of jungle, not near a beach, no house, no water, no sewer, no electricity, no gas, no roads is an amazing ripoff unless you REALLY like jungle. Only a New Yorker could think this is a retirement plan.

  3. James Trotta says:

    I don’t plan on retiring in a tent in the jungle either! I assume that we’re talking about a future development here though I suppose I might be wrong. As for Texas, all I know is that my sister lives in Houston and my friend lives in Austin. It doesn’t seem like 50,000 will go very far in either place.

  4. Bill Campbell says:

    As an alternative to jungle property, I rep a master planned community in Baja where we offer level 1/4 acre + waterview lots with in ground power starting at $38,500. All lots have a 180 degree view of the water. Building costs are $70 to $90 a square foot, turnkey. We also have an 18 hole championship golf course on property.

    Send me an email with your name and address and I’ll send you some information on it.

  5. J. Williams says:

    10K/acre? Wow, someone knows something about Americans.

    I just believe that Americans should be fleeced by Americans–not our fault that the Costa area doesn’t have enough suckers.

    When all the swamp acreage is sold off–then go for it.

    Seriously, 50k can buy ten times the acreage in southern Ohio. Fewer venemous insects and reptiles. (Walmart excluded)

  6. Ralph says:

    Mexico is about the most corrupt nation I’ve ever been to (world traveler, I’m in Kuwait now); ok it is THE most corrupt nation I’ve ever been to and they hate gringo’s so I’ll pass on that plan. I’ve been to TJ, Baja (Ensenada), Neuvo Laredo, Acapolco, Cozumel. Great hookers in Nuevo Laredo though.

  7. Serge says:

    To: Ralph

    You are a real asshole, nothing else.

    Nobody need your opinions on hookers,

    sincerely wish you to catch some STD soon.

  8. cheyenne says:

    There is so little wild areas left it is a shame that people can only think of themselves rather than to preserve what little is left.

  9. paul powers says:

    it is nice to know about the good hookers. as i might go there to get laid. and some son !

  10. bob says:

    Yes you can get cheap land in Ohio, but who the hell wants to wants to live in Ohio? The idea of moving to Central Amreica is to get away from gringos, the rat race (wallmart). You can find plenty of cheap land in any CA country just go there and look. Stop looking on the internet waiting for your dream spot GO LOOK. You might find you don’t like it. For people with sense of adventure the looking can be half the fun. I have been to CA 10 times on 3 years still looking still havin a ball.

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