Review: Anthony Bourdain DVD set – No Reservations Collection 7

This is a 3 DVD set, with each DVD consisting of 5 travel shows. Disc 1 has Haiti, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Vienna, & the Ozarks. Disc 2 has Brazil (the Amazon), Boston, Japan (Hokkaido), Cuba, & Macau. Disc 3 has Naples, El Bulli, Ukraine, Kurdistan, & Cajun Country.

There’s a lot of content here, and a lot of it covers places that aren’t real high on my list. In some cases it seems like hard travel (Haiti) and in some cases it seems like it would be pretty hard to get to know the locals on a quick visit (the Ozarks). And then there’s stuff that’s too far away (Macau) and stuff I’ve never heard of (El Bulli). I have actually been to Boston, and I’ve at least mentioned Cambodia and Vienna on this blog. But most of these travel destinations are pretty well off the beaten path.

So anyway, I was looking forward to these DVDs to get a glimpse of some places I’m unlikely to get to myself any time soon. And the DVDs did that. I got to see some food and a few locals from each place. So I enjoyed these in a recreational kind of way.

I did think something was missing, however. I kept waiting for some advice on travel planning. Anthony Bourdain goes to the Ozarks and does all this stuff with the locals – he eats coon with them, he tries to spear suckers in the river at night, he shoots ducks and teaches the locals how to cook them, and so on. Now let’s say I wanted to do these things because I was planning to travel to the Ozarks. These DVDs would not help with my travel planning. Maybe you have to have your own travel show to hang out with so many locals. Maybe there’s a way to do it but we won’t find out from the DVDs.

So if you want to see what a place looks like, these DVDs are pretty good. If you want to plan a trip, the DVDs are not very helpful.

A few other notes – He curses a lot and they are all beeped out. I don’t love cursing (unless I’m watching the Sopranos), but I don’t mind it half as much as I hate the beeps. Is there a way to turn the beeps off? I couldn’t find it but DVD remotes befuddle me.

The focus is usually on talking with a prominent local and eating the local food. This is not always interesting for 45 minutes. the show on the Ozarks was interesting throughout, but the one on Cambodia talked to a politician who just wasn’t real interesting. Well she was a bit but their conversation wasn’t. And in Cambodia there were some spicy noodles – no surprise there. The happy pizza (think herbal pizza) was a funny Cambodian surprise though.

So to conclude, not good for travel planning but most of these places are not going to be tops on your list of vacation spots anyway. You can still watch for fun, of course, and while it’s not always tremendously entertaining, it is usually fairly entertaining.

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