Review: Cornwall with Caroline Quentin DVDs

Hosted by two-time British Comedy Award winner Caroline Quentin (Blue Murder, Men Behaving Badly), Cornwall offers a lighthearted look at the Cornish coast, akin to the programs of Rick Steves and Samantha Brown. The Cornish peninsula stretches into the Atlantic Ocean for hundreds of miles of gorgeous coastline, where aristocrats live in centuries-old manors and beachcombers barbecue lobster by the water. At every turn, Quentin dives headlong into the summer festivities, joining the locals at a quaint village pub and cheering on a regatta composed of not-so-seaworthy vessels.

I’ve only watched the first two episodes and I’ve been saving the review for a while because I figured I should watch them all or at least more of them before writing this. After a few months though, I’m fairly sure I won’t be watching any more episodes unless I actually plan to spend a summer in Cornwall.

And that may be who this series is designed for, people who are going to spend a summer in Cornwall and want to know a few of the people who live there. For example I got to know the chef at a restaurant and a family that fishes. I guess they’re interesting people, but if this is a documentary about the people of Cornwall, it has to be a limited audience. I don’t plan on watching a whole series about fisherwomen and cooks I’m never going to meet.

There is some information for travelers. The cook I mentioned above gets his restaurant advertised a bunch. One of the shows talked about Cornwall cottages and offered a look at one particular company that seems to handle more expensive properties. The website I link to above seems to have more advice than the show did, which looked at one property as the owners tried to get it listed by this one company. Their effort to get their property accepted doesn’t really help travelers though.

Overall, the show is for people going to Cornwall. It might help persuade you if you’re thinking about a trip to Cornwall – lots of looks at the nice scenery and some talk about the relaxing lifestyle and food that vacationers can look forward to. If you’ve already made up your mind, the show might get you excited about the upcoming trip, and it will give you the names of a few local business you might want to try out. For me, though, it just wasn’t that exciting.

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