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The following is a paid review:

I’ve blogged a few times about Honeymoon registries so when I was contacted about reviewing Traveler’s Joy honeymoon registry web site, I decided to do it.

A honeymoon registry is similar to a regular wedding registry but the gifts are different. Instead of blenders and things you get stuff for your honeymoon: plane tickets, hotel rooms, spa treatments, etc. I love the idea. My honeymoon was a 9 week trip to Italy and I recently recommended that my sister skip the wedding reception and spend the money on honeymoon travel instead (she didn’t listen to me).

So I love the idea of a honeymoon registry, the question is how do I like the Traveler’s Joy honeymoon registry web site. Traveler’s Joy is not a travel agency and the couples themselves decide when and where to book their honeymoon. However they do make a few suggestions. After each suggestion they link to deals and books. As regular readers here will know, several people have had problems with Travelocity and if there’s one time you don’t want a problem it’s on your honeymoon. Still I can’t knock them too much for promoting Travelocity – a lot of people use them happily.

Traveler’s Joy makes money by charging a service fee of 7.5% of the total gifts received. That seemed steep to me but then I read their explanation (accepting credit cards online is expensive) and I also realized I have no idea what a normal wedding registry costs.

I didn’t sign up for an account although I did try to. After wasting a few minutes filling everything in with my Korean address, I realized that your address has to be in one of a handful of countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Ireland, South Africa). I do have a US address but I wasn’t ready for a second try. Still if you live in one of those countries registration looks to be pretty easy.

My conclusion: Honeymoon registries are way better than wedding registries because traveling is way better than house stuff. Your honeymoon is something you remember forever but that blender you got will be forgotten when it gets replaced in a few years…

So about the web site? If you’ve decided on a honeymoon registry you have to consider Traveler’s but you should also shop around to see if 7.5% is the best you can do in terms of fees.

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  1. If you click on the “Salem news article” link there’s an article about brides being too greedy with gift registries. They talk about honeymoon registries too. Pretty interesting.

  2. James,

    Thank you for taking the time to review our service. I wanted to follow up on a few of the points you raised in your post.

    * As you noted, while we do provide a link to Travelocity for travel information, our members are free to book their honeymoon anywhere. As far as I am aware, we are by far the largest totally independent honeymoon registry out there. Most of our large competitors are run by travel agencies themselves. This may allow them to offer a lower fee than us if the member books their travel with them, but this can be a classic case of “Six of one thing, half-dozen of the other.” In other words, those registries will simply make their profit off of the travel rather than fee – and it’s much easier to squeeze in more profit on travel bookings. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, but we like giving our members the option to go with whomever they can find the best travel deal.

    * Our 7.5% fee is actually one of the lowest around for this type of service. As you mentioned, accepting credit cards online can be expensive (2.5% – 4.0% of each transaction). I would encourage anyone interested in our service to see our Frequently Asked Questions page located here:

    We are always trying to be as upfront as possible about every aspect of our business. The FAQs page answers most questions prospective members may have but anyone can feel free to contact us if they have more.

    * As noted, for simplicity sake at this time our service is available only to countries where a predominant spoken language is English (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Ireland, & South Africa). This allows us to have only one version of our website. At some point in the future we may offer translated versions to service other markets.

    I also encourage anyone interested in a honeymoon registry to shop around. There are many different services out there that come at this market in many different ways. As I mentioned above, if someone can find a great honeymoon package with a registry affiliated travel agency, it may be more beneficial to use their service as opposed to ours. However, if a better deal can be found online or through an unaffiliated local travel agent, our service allows total freedom. Our goal is to be the main honeymoon registry option for the independently minded traveler.

    All the Best!

    Tony Alexander

    Co-Founder and COO

    Traveler’s Joy Inc.

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