Reviewing the entries to the winter vacation writing contest

We’ve had some excellent entries, and I expect many more before the approaching deadline. Here’s a review of what people have submitted so far:

We started off in style with a Hawaiian vacation itinerary. Like all Hawaii vacations, it sounds like a great time. From Waikiki to Kona and Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park, everything about Hawaii tells me to start planning and packing.

The next vacation itinerary was for the popular Riviera Maya in Mexico. This vacation at Bahia Principe Tulum Hotel revolves around the resort but includes day trips like the pyramids of Chitchen-Itza to keep things interesting.

The next entry was unusual in that it only spans one day. It offers lots of information about shopping in Toronto. I think there’s probably several days worth of shopping tips in here, but then again too much shopping in one day makes me annoy my wife.

Then we have another Canadian vacation, this one an itinerary for Winnipeg. The first two days are shopping days, but things get better after that. I love appreciating architecture and visiting the mint where they produce money might be fun too.

The Cambodia travel itinerary mentions a few places I’ve written about previously (they’re all on my list of places to visit). Sihanoukville is famous for beaches. Angkor Watt is famous for temples that have been partially consumed by jungle over the centuries. Phnom Penh has the Silver Pagoda and the National Museum.

I also did a Cambodian vacation plan a while back. I recommend a very good site for good information on Cambodia.

Well, join the fun – submit your winter vacation itineraries to

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