Riots and the crackdown affecting Olympic travel plans

This article says of the Beijing Olympics:

There have been discussions of a possible international boycott of the Games, though the European Union and the United States have so far said they opposed the idea.

One Thai torchbearer has stated that she will no longer be participating because she wants to tell China:

…the world community could not accept its actions. The slaying of the Tibetans … is an outright violation of human rights.

Of course this is a no-win situation for China because they can’t let the riots continue and stopping rioters always means using soldiers or riot police and violence. I don’t think that banning international media was a good idea – now we all want to know what China has to hide.

Mancunian wrote about possibly going to Tibet a while back and I have considered going myself. However I have a friend who said he won’t visit Tibet because of the political situation there and this is making me think that I should follow his lead and not visit Tibet.

I was also thinking about heading to Beijing for the Olympics but I had already made other plans by the time the riots started and people started talking about boycotts…

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  1. Diane D says:

    For too long china has commited crimes against human rights. Weither it is the ongoing supreesion of whole countries,the unspoken demise of unwanted female newborns,and things we have o idea about. And now even the exporting of tainted products. It is time for us to tell them what we feel, and that they can not steamroller their way over the world !!

  2. Lorriane Vedin says:

    It’s a shame these athelets have worked so long for this, and because of China’s politics, have to suffer. but sometimes the only way is to hit in the pocket book. WAKE UP CHINA!

  3. Jonathan Bowker says:

    China wants to be accepted by the rest of the world cmmunity? China wants to host the summer Olympics? I know they’ve got the Olympics already,

    but what are they thinking? In todays world, there

    are no more “next times”. They had their shot at showing the world how advanced they’ve become and they blew it.

  4. RJ says:

    If you want to affect change in any situation, the worst thing you can do is avoid it. The presence of thousands of outsiders will only help the Chinese recognize different viewpoints and values.

  5. I’m curious as to what the impact will actually be of all of this, as far as numbers at the olympics. Somehow I doubt it will be that significant. We really won’t know until after the fact. I would suggest giving support to organizations such as

    …every little bit helps.

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