Riviera Maya, Mexico vacation at Bahia Principe Tulum Hotel

Another contest entry. Enjoy and keep submitting your travel plans to jtrotta@gmail.com

Oh joy, I’m feeling that again… 35 degrees, 90% Humidity and as many tequilas as you can drink.

Pack your stuff, get ready and off we go.

In fact packing stuff isn’t really that hard, especially if you keep your wife or your mom at home, so they don’t carry 3 bags filled with whatever they can find inside their wardrobe.

Day 1 – Wherever you come from to Cancun. Arrive at Cancun and prepare yourself for at least 1 hour in a bus. Stay at the Bahia Principe Tulum Hotel (*****). Arriving at the hotel you should have a Welcome Cocktail waiting for you. Exotic fruits, no alcohol for a start and some nice looking scenery around. Temperature is horrible and most surely jetlag also.

Day 2 – Breakfast, of course. You can have it, for example, at a 1000 m2 bungalow with most food together than you could ever eat in an all year.

Start your journey. Explore the hotel. In fact those are 3 hotels side by side, but you can freely use your all-inclusive pass to go wherever you want, meaning pools, beaches, restaurants bars, etc. All you must do at your hotel is sleep at your room – There are over 15 pools and 25 bars around, most of them opened 24 hours per day. You’re not allowed to swim in the pools before dawn.

Day 3 – We’re travelling to Chitchen-Itza (Chicken Pizza for the fellow Americans). Book in advance ($150 per person) as buses get crowded fast. The temperature is again terrible. Take lots of water with you, and I mean water, not tequila or beer, or whatever. Climb the pyramids and remember to never look down when coming back from the top. The place is beautiful. You should be used to them by now, but remember that mosquitoes there look like helicopters. The trip is long and should take you the all day. Hotel again, take a bath, relax a bit and prepare yourself for a dinner a-la-carte. The Italian restaurant is excellent.

Day 4 – After all this full-speed start let’s stay calm and quiet. Explore the beach around the hotel chain. You’re 100 m away from the 2nd largest coral reef on Earth, so get your diving material and enjoy. Snorkelling there is also a possibility, even though you can’t go far doing it. Have light meals, since you want to stay inside water all day long. Always use natural sun protectors so you don’t destroy nature around. Have a light dinner and get to sleep.

Day 5 – The Adventure… Jeeps, fast boats and a wonderful sightseeing. Use this day for a 200 km trip to the interior of Mexico. You drive your own rented jeep, go watch the turtles, the dolphins, a ton of natural reserves and eat lobster at lunch. All is included in the price of this journey ($180 per person). Get back to the hotel, take a bath and walk to the Hacienda Santa Isabel, a very nice place 1 km far away from the hotel where you can watch once a week the Mexican Fiesta, a party with regional music and shows, lot’s of food and 25 types of different tequilas.

Day 6 – Tired enough you decide to walk around the hotel once again. Visit a couple of the local shops, drink some cocktails inside the pools, learn how to cook a giant paella 10 m away from your current bathing spot and eat a delicious meal inside water.

As an alternative you can go to Shell-Ha, a natural beautiful place where Blue Lagoon was filmed years ago; today it’s a huge aquatic park.

Have dinner and visit 1 or 2 bars. Don’t waste your time at the local disco.

Day 7 – Pack your stuff (again) and wipe your tear. If you’re on a 7-day trip it’s all over. You’d better have booked 15 days instead, so you could maximize the plane fare. Home we go now. We have that tequila bottle, a couple of shirts and other tourist souvenirs, but you have the feeling that you want to get back one day!

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