Road trip: Florida, Alabama, Georgia

So moving from Seoul to Florida was crazy. The move involved some last minute packing and shipping so we now have 7 boxes waiting for us in Atlanta, Georgia.

The shipping company said they could send them to us for $600. I said for that money I’ll just pick them up myself and use that 600 for a nice little road trip.

So looking at the map, here’s what I see. It’s a pretty straight drive from Orlando to Savannah. Then Savannah to Atlanta. Then a pretty long 8 hour drive from Atlanta back to home. And I get to see two popular cities I’ve never seen before.

But what if we took a more circuitous route? What if we went to Tallahasse (if there’s anything to do there – I don’t really know but it sure stands out on the map), then DeFuniak Springs (small town with a lake, a vineyard, a heritage museum in an old railroad depot, and Victorian architecture), then Mobile, Alabama (again I know nothing except it stands out on the map and I’ve never been), then Birmingham or Columbus, then Atlanta. Maybe stop in Savannah on the way home.

So what do you think? Of the following, which cities are must visits? Am I skipping something very cool and somewhat nearby these places? I know Huntsville is not too far off course, but it is north of Atlanta so i might save it for another time, like when I drive to Boston for Christmas.

DeFuniak Springs

I figure I’ll hit Savannah, which I’ve heard lots of nice things about, and I have to be in Atlanta to get my boxes sot hat’s 100% for sure. The big decision is Savannah only, or the long way? And where to stop on the long way.

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