Rocky Coach Tour experience & review

This is another extra credit assignment from one of my students at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seo, Seol Hwa:

Fall in love with Magnificent and Picturesque Nature: Rocky Coach Tour

If you are a hungry student studying in Canada and desiring to travel somewhere, here’s a cheap but well-filled tour package I purchased.


Staying in Vancouver, I decided to travel Canadian Rocky Mountains. And I hurried up before the summer was over. Because I’d heard that I would see only snow if I traveled Rockies during other seasons.

There’s Rocky Coach Tour for students. They -studying abroad agencies- sell this package to adults too. The average cost is from $250 to $300(CAD) for 3 nights 4 days.

After I reserved, I bought some clothes to warm me. Because it’s cold in Rockies even in summer. I also packed extra films to take beautiful pictures as many as possible. And I looked forward to the departing day.

[Day 1]

You will spend half of a day on a coach. But, you will notice the scenery is changing around the highway as time goes by. Whenever I come back to my hometown, I enjoy rural landscapes through the window. And the scenery I saw was really exotic compared to Korea’s.

When I started to feel bored, the coach stopped at Bridal Falls. They say it looks like a bride wearing a veil. But I didn’t see a bride actually. However, I could breath clean air and enjoy listening to the waterfalls.

After taking some pictures, we got on the coach again. The coach ran through Marritt, one of the big 3 cities for copper mine, and Kamloops, the city of lumber. And we arrived at Valemount, the gateway to Rocky Mountains. We stayed at Canoe Mt.Lodge and prepared ourselves for the following day.

[Day 2]

Finally, we entered Rocky Mountains. The road was a bit steep which means we were climbing Rockies. The first destination was Emerald Lake. It was my first time to see such a beautiful lake. The water was really clean but, at the same time, emerald green. I felt like I was in a drawing. It was not real world for me. I eagerly took pictures of the lake. But, I never knew the bigger one was waiting for me.

I took a gondola going up to the top of Mt. Robson(3,954m) which is the highest mountain in Rocky Mountains. It was great to be on high mountain. Everything looked so small and I felt like I was standing on the world.

Next destination was Lake Louise. Moving toward, my tour guide played a music. ‘Lake Louise’ by Yuhki Kuramoto. According to my tour guide, Yuhki Koramoto loves Lake Louise so much that he made ‘Lake Louise.’

After arriving at Lake Louise, I fully understood his love for the lake. It was absolutely amazing! Splendorous! Spectacular! It was emerald green and sapphire blue. And sometimes silver. I’d never seen such a marvelous nature. Walking along the lake, I could feel the beauty of nature. I’ll never forget that moment.

Our coach moved to Banff in Calgary. We had Bulgogi for dinner at Korean restaurant. There are Koreans in every city in Canada. So, I had no problem about meal during the journey. We had some time to go shopping as well. I bought a digital camera because the Alberta provincial tax is the cheapest in Canada. So I waited until I get to Calgary. We stayed at Sheraton Four Point Hotel that night.

[Day 3]

It was the last day in Rockies. After having breakfast, we hurried to move to the next destination. Bow Lake!

It was the first shiny day during the journey. So, Bow Lake was twinkling. The atmosphere of the lake was warm and shiny compared to Lake Louise which has a calm and stillness beauty. And I could enjoy the sunlight and taking lovely pictures.

I think it’s really nice place to sunbathe. But I had to leave the place to move on to the next destination. I promised myself I would come back and sunbathe with some in love someday.

We arrived at Columbia Icefield. It is about 325 km² in area, 100 to 365 meters (328′ to 1,197′) in depth and receives up to seven meters (23 ft) of snowfall per year. The icefield includes 8 glaciers and Athabasca glacier I visited was one of them. We took a snowcoach which has four large wheels. I was excited just as I was when I got on a plane for the first time.

When I stood on the glacier, I was a bit nervous. Because my guide said there were some craters. So I didn’t wander too far. But I had a lot of fun taking pictures. Jumping shot, lying shot, and so on.

Because of global warming, the icefield is getting smaller. It’s too sad to lose such a wonderful nature. So, I bought some post cards with glacier pictures on them.

After coming down the glacier, we moved to Athabasca Falls. The waterfalls come from the Athabasca glacier. So, once again, I was impressed by a natural wonder. Athabasca Falls was not that high but the force of the falling water was great. Lots of water falling made a very loud sound like cannon. So I felt fear when I approached to the falls. Serpentine Athabasca river that starts below the falls was also interesting.

I fell into a deep sleep in Canmore, a small town, that night.

[Day 4]

We had breakfast at a Korean restaurant and we started to come back to Vancouver. It was another spending-half-of-a-day-on-a-coach day. For us, tour guide played a movie. But most of us were so tired and slept.

We had lunch somewhere but I can’t remember exactly. I was in between sleep and wake. After running such a long way, finally, our coach arrived at Vancouver. Taking off the coach, my Rocky Mountains tour was over.


It was a really nice travel at little cost. I was pretty satisfied but it was a bit short to visit many places. Since there are many, many places to go, I will rent a car and take enough time to enjoy Rockies next time.

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