Safe Summer Travel on Exotic Places

Summer is around the corner and many travelers plan to go to tropical countries to experience exotic attractions, get tanned at the beaches and explore sumptuous delicacies. But while it is sky’s the limit for enjoyment, also be aware of everything else especially your health and safety.

Various forms of travel related stress such as long waiting time, change in climate and time zone and disruption of regular meal schedules impact your well-being and could affect the enjoyment of your vacation. Since these things are sometimes unavoidable during your trip, it’s best to know your destination well in order to minimize such effects.

It’s recommended to have a checklist of things before, during and after your trip to ensure everything is covered and you have not forgotten anything important.

Before Your Travel

  1. Travel Type – Resort splurge, backpacking or business trip? Knowing the nature of your trip often helps to check what the necessary items to bring are. If you know the hygiene quality of your destination, you can decide whether bringing extra provision like bottled water or mosquito repellent is necessary.
  2. Medical Problems – Consult your doctor and he/she will tell you what foods to avoid if you have any allergies or activities to refrain from doing during your travel. Vaccinations may be necessary against hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever (required under International Health Regulations if you visit certain countries in Africa and South America) and related ailments.
  3. Travel Insurance – Since you are not covered by hospital services in most destinations, it’s best to get a travel insurance for the entire duration of your trip. This normally includes accident and lost property coverage.

During Your Travel

  1. Swimming – While swimming is definitely enjoyable, doing so in rivers and lakes may put you at risk to certain parasites that penetrate the skin and cause diseases. Do not swim in polluted bodies of water which are often causes of eye, ear and intestinal infections.
  2. Animals – Exercise care when going to zoos or safaris. In areas where rabies is endemic, avoid touching or petting cats, dogs and avoid contact with wild animals like lions, monkeys and other potentially dangerous creatures.
  3. Personal Hygiene – As always, practice personal hygiene by washing hands before and after meals. Drink bottled water or soft drink only from reputable companies. Eat only food that’s thoroughly cooked; while some foods suit fine with the locals, they may not be acceptable in your digestive system.
  4. Mosquito Borne-Diseases – Stay in places that are protected from mosquito such as screens or mosquito nets. Use mosquito repellent or wear long sleeves when going out on a mosquito-infested area.

After Your Travel

Immediately consult your doctor if:

  1. You have fever, rashes or generally feeling unwell.
  2. You were in contact with sick people during your travel
  3. You were in a locality with reported incidence of infectious diseases

Hopefully, your travel goes well and provides wonderful memories.

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  1. janet says:

    well one big issue about exotic travel is safety. Safety means many things such as safety from terrorism, safety from crime, safety in countries that don’t enforce fire codes, and safe transportation. I worry about these things more than i do about the health issues. many times when i am in a third world country in a resturant, hotel, or on a ferry boat i wonder how i will get out quickly if there is a fire and often there isn’t a good answer. also finding a slow careful taxi driver is another fine art.

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