Safety of Puerto Rico in question after Hector “Macho” Camacho shooting

So how safe is Puerto Rico? Certainly this high-profile case will hurt Puerto Rico’s image: The former boxing champ, Hector “Macho” Camacho, is expected to survive, but another man in his car was killed. They were in their car when the driver of another vehicle opened fire. So how scared should tourists become?

This article claims that most violent crime in Puerto Rico is avoidable – just avoid the drugs and the gangs. A friend of mine had this to say: “I used to go down with friends who had family in some less than desirable areas, like Toa Baja, Bayamon, San Sebastian, etc. and they basically showed me the ropes. Rule number one, don’t stop at night with a nice looking car, even a rental, just look both ways really quick and keep going.”

Another friend elaborates: “The metropolitan area can be real grimy just like any hood in the states. The rest of the island is calm and beautiful. The whole western side of the island (Aquadilla, Rincon, Boqueron) is completely safe, so are many other areas. The whole don’t stop at red lights is for the San Juan and surrounding areas only. And don’t rent a hot ride frontin and you should be just fine.”

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