Sailing the Seven Seas: What Cruise Options Are There?

One of the things which set cruises apart from other types of holiday is the fantastic variety of destinations to choose from. After all, not everyone is searching for the same thing on their break.

Whether it’s the sunshine, sand and relaxed vibe of the Caribbean or the fascinating history and culture of the Scandinavian Black Sea, cruise ships will take you there. Travelling to every corner of the globe, here is a sample of five of the best breathtaking destinations cruise passengers could book today.


Few destinations in the world can incorporate fascinating culture with such wondrous natural scenery as the Mediterranean. A typical cruise itinerary covers destinations like Valencia, Rome, Cannes, Barcelona and Gibraltar. These locations offer a snapshot of the very best that Europe has to offer, including delicious cuisine, awe-inspiring ancient history and fascinating local customs and traditions.

Whether you would prefer to be enjoying the freshest lemon Gelato from the Amalfi coast, retracing the footsteps of the gladiators in Rome or reclining on the shoreline with celebrity A-listers in Cannes, a Med cruise has an adventure to suit everybody.


Fancy some sun, sand and one of the most chilled out atmospheres in the world? You needn’t look any further than the Caribbean. Stopping at locations like Barbados, St Lucia, St Maarten and San Juan, Caribbean cruises venture to some of the most scenic and friendly locations the network of islands has to offer.

The Caribbean is ideal for anyone who loves water-sports and snorkelling in turquoise waters, touring historic sites and enjoying the best in food, style and hospitality that a location has to offer.


Making the journey across the Atlantic is one of the most romantic voyages in history. Starting with the bright lights of the Big Apple, Transatlantic journeys with Cumbria Cruises give passengers sufficient time to sample the delights of New York before journeying to the scenic Caribbean islands of St Kitts, Dominica and St Lucia.

From here the luxury ships make their way across the deep waters of the Atlantic to dock at Southampton, the ideal finish point for any memorable cruise. Transatlantic cruises allow travellers to tick off some of the most iconic destinations in the world off their bucket list without any of the hassle of checking in luggage or waiting at airports.


Think all cruises are about sun, sand and resort towns? Polar cruise expeditions has to be one of the most exciting and alternative options for those looking for something a little different to the traditional golden sands and blue waters.

With ships venturing to South Georgia, South Orkney Islands and then on to the fascinating continent of Antarctica, you will be blown away by the enormity of the ice shelves and mountain ranges whilst immersing yourself in stunning natural wildlife.

Down under

Cruises can venture anywhere from our closest neighbouring countries to the furthest reaches in the world. The Australian coastline is an excellent cruise destination for anyone embarking on an extended getaway with outstanding locations like Sydney, Perth and Melbourne popular attractions.

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