Saint Maarten YouTube video: planes near beaches

Here’s something I’ve never done before. Normally, I when I write about beaches, I write about quality beaches (like the best beach in America) or beach vacation experiences (like Sunscape the Beach in the Dominican Republic).

Today is a little different. I’m going to embed a YouTube video about some beaches that are crazily close to runways. If it weren’t for the people in the videos, I would never believe that anyone was allowed on these beaches. Has anyone here been on a beach link this?

If you’re at work, be careful because when you press play the sound will come on. Unless you’re in the travel industry you might not want your boss knowing that you’re reading a travel blog on the job…

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  1. brian sheriff says:

    Cool! Loved the people running into the engine blow-back surf. It must be a thrill for children to be so close to the planes. That’s what I’ve learnt from all my travels – the best vacations for children – at home or away are the ones in which the kids get to experience (see or do) some wacky non-everyday stuff. A totally wasted vacation can be turned into a holiday of a lifetime by simply ‘gatecrashing’ a local picnic for instance. Kids love to see the wacky – not for themselves but to tell their friends when they get back home.

  2. J says:

    I’ve been on that beach in St. Maarten. There are warning signs but they are on the edges of the beach – not in the middle where the planes are. The result?? You head out to the beach and see the perfect area in the middle that is not crowded. You think to yourself, “wow…great timing…I can’t believe I got the best seat in the house.” Then a plane comes into land…and you think, “gee…this is great!” Then a plane cues up for departure. Because the runway is so short, the plane must power up as fast as possible. The result – a fantastically strong spray of dirt, gravel, jet fuel fumes, and humility to get you moved out of the center section of the beach and onto the edges like those in the know. On the plus side – there is a great cocktail shack to take the edge off your embarrassment.

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