Salzburg day trip and a bit more from Munich

This entry may not be too detailed since I seem to be in the worst pc room ever. I can’t find the relatively nice one I was in 2 nights ago and this one has people speaking loudly with the employees and someone singing into a mic to someone almost as unfortunate as me…

Salzburg is beautiful. Apparently it is popular for movie tourism thanks to The Sound of Music (we saw the ‘do re mi’ steps and the cemetery that inspired the Hollywood set in the movie) and Motzart. We didn’t go into either of the 2 Motzart museums or buy any Motzart chocolate.

We did eat in the oldest restaurant in Europe while we were there, Stiftskeller St. Peter. Apparently they started serving food in 803 so they have had enough time to get it right. The food was excellent and at about 15 euros a meal not unreasonable. The dessert wasn’t as good and seemed overpriced but then again, the desert we really wanted, Salzburger Nockerln, took 25 minutes to prepare and we hadn’t ordered in advance…

We also saw the the inside of St Peter’s plus the Salzburg Christmas market and my wife almost spent way too much on a Louis Vitton handbag.

As for Munich, I did visit Nuremberg Palace and Neue Pinakothek today. The palace is pretty neat inside with some fancy clocks and chandeliers. The Neue Pinakothek gave us a nice surprise when we found that admission is only 1 euro on Sundays instead of the usual 5.50. We enjoyed our hour there looking at paintings from the 1800’s. I’m no art afficionado but the museum is fairly small so an hour might be what it takes a normal person to walk through. Of course I saved time by walking by every portrait in the place – I really don’t like portraits. There were a few Van Gogh’s and some excellent works by people I’ve never heard of.

And I finally tried Ghluwein in the Munich Christmas market. But if this entry seemed poorly organized it probbaly had more to do with this PC room than the alcohol. Ghluwein comes in .2 liter mugs which is enough to warm you up but not get you drunk.

As usual, please excuse any typos – German spellcheck isn’t helping much…

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  1. Jean Cleavenger says:

    Reading your artical brought back wonderful memories. It hs been along time since I have been in both those cities. And Munich was my favorite city in Europe. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

  2. Peter Massardo says:

    We spent Christmas in Munich and New Year’s in Vienna in 1997 and had a wonderful, magical time in both places. Salzburg is beautiful, as you noted.

    FYI…it’s MOZART.

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