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Before I forget (I’ve been meaning to blog this one for months), I’ll start with a link to this article on hostels in San Francisco, a city that’s pretty high on my list. I hear it isn’t cheap so I’d certainly consider staying in a hostel – the article is generally positive.

Then this article reminded me of my uncle’s situation. He was born in Germany and adopted in America. He recently used the internet (sorry but I forget the site) to find that he had a brother living in Florida and a sister living in Germany. He’s already planning some sort of motorcycle trip with his brother and he’s planning to meet his sister one of these days. I find it just an awesome, happy story.

I don’t think I have any immediate relatives to meet, but I would love to find some distant relatives in Ireland (my maternal grandmother’s heritage).

Now we turn to the sad travel stories.

Here’s a couple who were kind of screwed by a resort on their honeymoon but who (if the travel agency can be believed) screwed themselves a bit too. They couldn’t get the villa they booked, got put in a filthy one, and then instead of letting the hotel people clean it (or they could have paid extra for a hotel) they flew home.

Now I understand that on your honeymoon everything is supposed to go smoothly. And you’re supposed to get upgraded, not downgraded. But I don’t understand flying home the next day.

Here’s an article about travel scammers who call up and say you’ve won a free prize (like a cruise) but then ask you to pay too much in port fees or whatever. They actually got $750,000 from a lady with Alzheimer’s disease. I don’t know what to say about that – it’s disgusting and more. Anyway they seem to get a lot of people so be wary.

And to wrap up the sad stories we return to a major theme from the summer, China and Tibet. According to this article the Chinese government is being preemptive in stopping any possible protests by declaring (unofficially perhaps) martial law in some areas.

I have to admit I had forgotten about China’s treatment of Tibet (and other human rights abuses like the cover ups of kidnapping an HBO documentary exposed) and would have entertained the idea of returning to China for another trip if I hadn’t seen this article.

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