Saratoga Springs, New York: Taking the waters

Here’s an interesting article on Saratoga Springs, New York. Very popular in the 1800’s when travelers came from all over the world to take the waters these day’s you have only one choice:

The sole survivor is the strangely quaint Roosevelt Baths and Spa, which has 42 private rooms along two wings and a drinking fountain off the lobby where the water tastes faintly like Alka-Seltzer. Last year the Roosevelt drew 14,000 baths.

If you want pure, fizzy mineral water, your bath will be around 50 degrees. I’ll opt for the diluted bath where the spring water is mixed with hot tap water to make a 98 degree bath.

“Some bathers have complained that heating also reduces some of the fizz and dilutes the mineral content,” and I have no doubt that they are correct since you’re mixing tap water with the Saratoga Springs special stuff. But cold water is just not my idea of a vacation.

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