Saving money in expensive places

Here’s an article on how to save money in select European cities like Venice, Athens, and Lisbon.

Another interesting article I found was on saving money on weddings and honeymoons. From destination weddings in Maui to cruise weddings to “shark feeding in Belize, swimming with dolphins in Hawaii, zip-wiring in Costa Rica, zorbing [rolling around in a giant hamster ball] in New Zealand” to Fleming Beach to Spain’s Costa del Sol to a lot of other places, this is an interesting article. I especially like the part about honeymoon registries:

Honeymoon registries: Forget the department store gift registries. Honeymoon registries, whereby gift-givers pay for items such as airfare, hotel, upgrades and excursions, are the rage. The registries have raised some eyebrows in the etiquette set.

Be sure to read all the way through that article for cheap alternatives in places like Hawaii, Italy, Tahiti, Fiji, etc.

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  1. Dale says:


    I read that article but couldn’t find anything about cheap alternatives in Tahiti. Could you please let me know if there’s a specific link? Thanks so much!


  2. James Trotta says:

    I forgot to link the article, but I added the link. The part on Tahiti is near the bottom.

  3. Jill says:

    Looking for cheap,but comfy beach based hotels in Moorea,Tahiti….any help? Any money saving advice,for Tahiti would be great!

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