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Reader question: Quick question to those of you who have been to Scandanavia … The

wife and I are looking to take a trip to Scandanavia in July for about a week and a half.

Question is, if you had to pick 3 of following countries what what you pick?

– Norway

– Sweden

– Finland

– Denmark

The way we figure it with only a week and a half, we can’t adequately hit each country without feeling like rushing through each one so we want to narrow it down.

Answer 1:

Denmark, Norway and Sweden. In denmark, Copenhagen is amazing. Easy travel to Norway, would do Bergen and Oslo, there is also a scenic train, called the flam railway that is a must. Sweden is nearby and easy to travel to. SAS sells an air pass, which makes travel easy if you have a few places.

Answer 2:

My wife and I traveled to Finland and had a terrific time. The highlight of the trip was a side trip to St. Petersburg. At the time one had to go with a tour group and get a visa. The tour group took the train from Helsinki to St. Petersburg. I love history and St. Petersburg is chock full. We also traveled around Finland which reminded me a lot of the Adirondacks. We went to Turku and Savonlinna. I am not an opera fan but there is a big opera fesitval in Savonlinna in the summer. I liked Helsinki but like I stated earlier, I felt like I was in the Adirondack Park while traveling around – lakes and pine trees.

Answer 3 (mine):

We went to Finland last August but haven’t been to the other places on your list. Helsinki is pretty awesome in summer. We also went to Turku, Espoo and Rauma. Rauma is

good for a day or two but it’s a long ways from Helsinki. Some people

love Turku but I can’t figure out why.

Answer 4:

Norway. Although I am biased (Norwegian and proud). When we go we stay with family, but also did some site seeing the last time with the wife.

My family is on the south east coast and there is not many touristy things to do there. Other than take in the beauty of the country, fish (salt and fresh water), hike, hang out at the cabin next to a glacier lake on top of the mountain.

If you stay around Oslo, you can also hit Sweeden. The whole OsloFjord area is beautiful in the summer. If you rent a car you can actually cover a lot of ground. There are plenty on museums and sites to see in and around Oslo. You can also drive into Sweeden (1 -2 hour drive). And if you really want to explore you can also take a train deeper into Sweeden. (Look in Norway, Shop in Sweeden. Better prices and friendlier exchange rates).

You can also take a ferry to Denmark, off the OsloFjord. The only thing Denmark has going for it is LegoLand, IMHO. Not worth the trip.

Don’t go expecting a typical european vacation (Rome, France, Germany). Also, the people are very friendly. Help out with directions or advice. I was a bit shocked with how expensive everything was. An example, we stopped in a convenient store while walking around Oslo. Got a bottle of water, a soda, candy bar, and a hot dog. It was like

220 Kr. which is around $30 bucks.

Answer 5:

I’d recommend two choices to get to Sweden…

1) Choose Oslo in Norway and you can easily get to Sweden

2) Choose Copenhagen in Denmark and you can take a bringe to Malmo, Sweden.

In fact, I’d probably spend 4 days in Oslo, 2 days in Oslo touring the city, using one day to see the Norwegian surrounding area and one day to see the Swedish area and spend 3-4 days in Copenhagen – 2 days in Copenhagen touring the city and a day in Sweden.

Answer 6:

I would go with Sweden, Norway, and St. Petersburg. I was in Finland last summer; Helsinki was nice, but I think the other choices are better. Three summers ago I did a Berlin to Hamburg to Copenhagen to Stockholm trip over two weeks. Had relatives in Hamburg so the trip revoled around that. If you go to Copenhagen you must eat at Ida Davidson’s for lunch one day. They only have something like 20 tables and only take one

reservation per table per day. I had one of the best sandwiches of my life there!

Answer 7:

Other than Copenhagen. Here in Denmark we have helsinore Castle. Legoland. My home town is Odense which is the birthplace of Fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen. A couple of very good zoos.

Denmark: Copenhagen is a great city. A lot of good museums and it’s a beautiful city. It’s easy to take day trips out to Roskilde to see the viking ship museum or Helsingor to see the Kronborg fortress.

Norway: If you only have a week and a half, trust me, don’t stay in Oslo for more than a night. It’s a pretty city, but you’ll run out of sites to see/things to do pretty quickly. If you’re going to Norway, you go to see the natural beauty and the fjords. If you can, take a flight out to Stavanger and get to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) if you’re OK with heights. It’s a long hike to the top, but believe me, it’s worth it. One of the highlights from my trip. I couldn’t make it to Bergen, but I hear it’s a beautiful train ride to get there from


Sweden: In all of my European travels, Stockholm is one of my favorite cities. Beautiful with lots of culture. If you go, you have to see the Vasa museum.

All three countries have some of the friendliest (and English speaking) people you’ll meet in Europe.

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