Scary News for Halloween

A new guest entry from Mancunian:

Well, it’s almost Halloween again and of course, there are plenty of scary festivals and events taking place. The Voodoo Experience alternative music festival takes place in New Orleans from October 30th to November 1st and among the 150 or so music acts scheduled to take place are Widespread Panic, Jane’s Addiction and Jello Biafra (I can only assume these people are well known and popular).

There are plenty of Halloween parties and events all over the place, but apparently one of the best is at the Louisville, KY zoo, which describes itself as the world’s largest Halloween party. It takes place throughout the month of October.

Talking of scary things, I was in York, UK with my family a few weeks ago and we all plucked up the courage to go on the Original Ghost Walk. I have been on ghost walks in various other places, such as Charleston, SC and New Orleans, but this one was the best. It also claims to be the oldest ghost walk in the world. The walk leaves from a pub, so you can always have a couple of drinks to relax you before you leave. (Although there is a shortage of toilets along the route!)

York is supposedly the most haunted place in the world, with over 500 reported ghost sightings. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any of them, but the guide managed to entertain and even make us jump a couple of times.

Here’s a scary thought: being stuck in a middle seat on the plane, surrounded by a crying baby, a fellow passenger who won’t stop talking and somebody with poor hygiene. Around 44% of airline passengers polled by Travelocity stated that poor hygiene among fellow passengers was their biggest complaint, followed by passengers with a cold. Kicking the back of airplane seats was also pretty high up on the list of annoying things that passengers did.

I think my biggest complaint is passengers who try to carry on bags that are clearly too big, although with all these checked bag fees, you can hardly blame them. United Airlines, by the way, has introduced a scheme where you can pay a flat rate of $249 a year, which covers all your checked bag fees during that time. If you fly a lot, it’s a good deal – I’m sure all the other airlines will follow suit.

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  1. Brenda says:

    I too have been on the york ghost walk and really enjoyed it!

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