School got it right for this woman

The woman featured in this story got something unusual – good advice in high school about a future career: “I always wanted to travel and the careers adviser at school suggested I become a travel agent – since then it’s been in my blood.”

When I was in high school we had guidance counselors instead of careers advisers. After looking over the results of a motivation / aptitude / interest test, my guidance counselor and I talked about my future career.

Linguist didn’t come up. Neither did travel blogger. I remember something about park rangers and lumber jacks. I guess I answered that I like nature and didn’t want to sit at a desk all day.

I never did consider lumberjack but I did look into the park ranger thing. In the end I couldn’t major in law enforcement because some of the cops in my town were horrible people and I resented law enforcement for a while (now many of my closest friends are cops and I’m no longer a long-haired teen guy so cops pretty much leave me alone I guess).

Anyway, she says that as a travel agent she gets to take about 4 trips a year. I bet she gets some good deals or freebies (even I got one from Royal Caribbean) whereas if I want 4 trips a year I can probably find the time but also need to find the money…

What do you say travel agents? Do you recommend your industry to high school and college students pondering their future career paths?

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  1. Beno says:

    hmm…sounds interesting.

    For the longest time, I’ve been trying to find a career or business that I can start where I can work from home or anywhere in the world. Something that’ll provide the flexibility to travel and also work from the location that I am traveling to , if I had to.

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