Searching online sites for cheap fares from New York to Seoul

A friend of mine living in New York City wants to visit Korea this summer and couldn’t find any airfares under $1350.00 from JFK to ICN (ICN is Incheon Airport, which serves Seoul). He asked me to do some searching. Not having exact dates, I used July 6 – July 18, 2006 and got the following results on different online travel sites. = $1406.00 on American Airlines = $4,000.00+ on JAL (this is pure insanity – I’ve flown JAL on the same route many times and never paid more than 1,000 US)

Travelocity = 990.00 on AA and 1,040.00 on JAL (using flexible dates to search for any flight in July). = $1,072.00 on multiple carriers (AA to and from Tokyo, “major carrier” from Tokyo to Seoul – the flight number is 959 and that I’m positive is Korean Air – and United from Seoul to Tokyo) = $1,561.00 on United (partnered with = $1,075 on multiple airlines = $1,068 on multiple carriers and $1,069 to $1,075 on American Airlines.

I also suggested he try the New York Times and call a few travel agents.

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  1. notyou says:

    Try I’m flying to Tokyo this weekend on Korean Air for $690.00, including taxes, weekend travel premium, etc. That’s round trip.

    Site’s in Japanese, but some of the staff speak English. Worth a call.

  2. Lillian says:

    We plan to stay in Rome in September and would like to find some good (reasonable price), places to eat. It is also nice the places are easy to reach by public transportation. Thanks.

  3. James Trotta says:

    notyou – thanks for the tip.

    Lillian – if you do a search for Rome you’ll find something on this site. When I was in Italy I used Lonely Planet and Let’s Go to find good places to eat. I don’t remember many names, but I do remember Pizza Re. There are a few Pizza Re restaurants, I think I went to one near the Spanis Steps. Anyway, great pizza there!

  4. simon says:

    Lilian for Rome

    Use the simple rule: do not eat in tourist places, do not use advertisement like pre-set menus, eat where are local are

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