Seen any unique performances in your travels?

Over the past few days friends have been sending me videos of some fun performances. I’m wondering if in your travels any of you have been in the right place at the right time to see an unforgettable performance. These are the videos that inspired the question:

Bruce Springsteen on a street in Copenhagen: “I’m on Fire”

The Boss again: “The River” and “Dancing in the Dark”

Jewel at a karaoke bar:

Star Wars Improv in NYC: Darth Vader arrests Princess Leia on the 6 Train

As for me, I’ve never really seen anyone famous up close and personal like Jewel at karaoke or Springsteen with a street performer but I have seen some memorable stuff. One thing was at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in (I think) 2003. My wife and I saw Tracy Grammer for the first time. We had never heard her music but we liked it so when she mentioned there was a kind of remembrance thing in the campground for Dave Carter where she and others would be playing I decided to go.

That was pretty unique, at least in my experience. You had a bunch of people some better than others, playing songs that Dave Carter performed when he was alive. And you had Tracy Grammer talking and playing to the 25 or so of us gathered around the tent. You could really sense her sadness both in words and music so it made the experience kind of real and emotional. The heat had knocked my wife out so she missed it unfortunately.

The other one was a bit earlier, the day Jerry Garcia died actually. I was never a big dead fan so normally I wouldn’t have done anything special that day. But I happened to be going to a Santana concert that night. The scene there was kind of surreal. Lots of people crying and soap on car windows saying “We miss you Jerry” and stuff like that. Santana talked about it. He said something like, “When you go home light a candle or whatever you choose to light up in memory of Jerry.” Looking up the date of his death, August 9,1995, I guess I was still young. The fact that I remember anything from that long ago is pretty special.

What performances do you remember?

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  1. Michelle says:

    In NYC I’ve seen the ‘Saw Lady’ playing the musical saw in the subway. She hands out cards with her blog on them (where she tells what happens when she plays in the subway):


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