Self made tour of Toledo

So yesterday was our first day trip from Madrid. I wanted to take a tour of Toledo which would have run about 50 euros each. My wife wanted to travel on our own and spend the money we saved on clothes. My wife won.

I didn´t mind losing this time because we got to choose our own train and leave at 10:30 in the morning instead of 8:30… We ended up spending about 30 euros each instead of 50 though we spent about three times our savings on clothes.

We didn´t go into any of the museums, but we did see the Cathedral. It was beautiful outside and caverous inside. At 7 euros to get in it is fairly expensive and inside was impressive but not breathtaking to my untrained eye. I don´t think the tour actually went in there but it´s hard to be sure from the brief description in the pamphlet.

The ticket said no flash, but inside a guard told us no pictures at all. He couldn´t guard the whole place and was alone so we ended up with lots of pictures. If the ticket says no flash I´m pretty sure I can take pictures (without a flash of course).

Anyway, I don´t mean to sound like I´m complaining about the price. I may never be in Toledo again and I´m glad I saw the inside of the Cathedral. I was looking for a better, more descriptive name but everything – even my map of Toledo – just says “Cathedral”.

We also went in Iglesia de los Jesuitas where you can pay 1.90 euro to climb to the top of the tower and get some good views of Toledo.

We spent hours walking around the city, much of that time trying to figure out where we were. Obviously if we had a guide that wouldn´t have been a problem but exploring on our own was good too. We saw most or all of historic Toledo I´m sure.

We only spent an hour or so shoppping. Basically after we had seen enough of the city we turned our attention to the shops. We didn´t buy any swords, chess sets, or black and gold jewelry despite one high pressure store where we were told to buy soon becase they were closing in 10 minutes at 5:00. They were still open at 5:30…

Interesting most salespeople in Spain are the opposite, very polite and they really don´t bother you until you ask for help. Today in the supermarket the lady at the olive bar didn´t even want to bother with us after we asked for help but that too was unusual…

I guess that´s about it for Toledo. I´ll be on again soon to tell you about the Royal Palace in Madrid.

As usual, please excuse any typos while I´m on vacation.

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    I too was in toledo last year and the salesperson of at least 3 souvanier shops were very rude and persistent on me buying from them, i told them i could not buy swords because of airport safety and their replied was “you are just a cheap american”. The town is magnificent and very old but I was not too impressed by their food or habitants they seem very rude to me.

  2. Jay says:

    I been to Toledo for tourism but I never felt that they were rude. One thing about Spanish people is that they don’t care about other people when they come into the shop. Even though I lived in Spain, I never felt that Spainish people rude in the shop. If I was looking at the product, I won’t even care about me. Maybe you did something wrong. Spanish people love American people. I wish that you don’t think that whole Spanish people are rude. Maybe the store you went to was the rude one in Toledo.

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