Sequestered: 3 nights locked in a hotel

I was planning to write a big long article about my last 4 days but now that i sit down to write I realize there’s not that much to say. That shouldn’t surprise me since there wasn’t much to do.

On Thursday morning I reported to the Seoul Holiday Inn where I was escorted via the service elevator to the 8th floor. My university had rented the entire floor, blocked the regular elevators, blocked the stairs, and blocked the service elevator. The service elevator could be unlocked by the guy who had the key to the padlock. That was the only way people got in or out. The only people who came in or out were the room service people.

So from Thursday morning to Sunday afternoon, I lived on the 8th floor of the hotel with 10 other professors (all male), and 3 other guys (support staff). No phone, although one support staff guy was allowed to talk to the room service people. No internet. Basically no contact with the outside world while we worked on our university’s entrance exam.

It’s pretty weird having no phone, no internet, and nothing to do. I mean sometimes you get that no phone, no internet when you travel but at least you’re traveling so you can see something new. The 8th floor of the Holiday Inn is pretty boring.

So every meal was room service and the food was good. We did have TV but I don’t really like TV. I got a lot of reading done (should have a book review for you tomorrow) and corrected a bunch of papers (students should expect more detailed comments than usual).

And that’s about it. If there’s anything I’m not mentioning that you’d like to know, feel free to ask. But to summarize, I spent the last four days working, reading, and being bored. But I made some extra money so maybe it’ll help me travel somewhere this winter.

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