Share your story

So you want to see your travel picure or travel story published on Cool! I’d be happy to read you’re story for possible inclusion on my blog.

You can use the contact form here or just email me – jtrotta at

You can always ask a travel related question. Sometimes you get some answers, sometimes you don’t.

I’m interested in your vacation experiences, but I don’t want your hotel reviews and stuff like that. Plenty of other websites will take those off your hands. You could detail a vacation like Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, which, after 6 years, is still one of the best submissions I’ve received.

It doesn’t have to be quite so long, of course. This quickie from March, 2011 gave us a look at traveling in Japan when the big earthquake hit.

Maybe you have a reaction to one of my blog posts that’s too long to be a comment. For example, this article on visiting college campuses was a fine submission and followed up on one of my older blog entries.

I also like hearing about culture shock.

A travel plan that you’ve tried out or are thinking about trying out would be fun for all of us to read. Here’s one example of the format I like in a London and Amsterdam travel plan (notice the day 1, day 2, day 3 organization). You could also do specific dates like this one for Oregon.

And then I don’t get many pictures submitted, but I like pictures. Please make sure they are not too huge (not too many megabytes or gigabytes or whatever – in Photoshop you would ‘save for web’).