Singapore night safari

When the tram guide tells his passengers to keep their feet inside the tram as they pass through the cayman area, and people actually pull their feet inside the tram, you know that people are feeling they’ve come pretty close to nature.

I don’t even remember exactly when I went to Singapore and visited the night safari, but I know I mentioned it in 2007, calling it a striking nature scene. I was also writing about visiting Singapore and Malayisa in November, 2004. I think that was based on experience so maybe I went in summer 2004 or winter 2003.

Anyhow, since I’m moving to America soon I’ve been looking through old papers and tossing many of them. And I found a little thing I wrote way back when. Most of the writing is embarassingly bad, but I thought that paragraph I shared at the top of this blog entry was OK.

Part of me doesn’t want to think of visiting a zoo as visiting nature. It’s kind of sad that the zoo is as close as I’ve been to seeing nature in a while. But I really did feel close to nature at the night safari so they do a good job there. Both my wife and I had one of those memorable experiences that became a favorite travel moment.

For me it was stopping to hear a wolf howling and then getting a real treat when another wolf joined in. I guess I have to share some poor writing now back from whenever this was: “The wolf music duet can be remembered as a sound and a feeling, the excitement you can only feel when mother nature shares one of her secrets, so profound that you don’t know what it means.

And wolf howls have become sort of a recurring theme, something I blog about every so often from visiting a wolf reserve in Minnesota to seeking out wolves in Alaska.

For my wife, it was spending a while – maybe 10 minutes but it’s impossible to say – looking a leopard in the eyes. My wife and the leopard were face to face a few inches apart, separated, of course, by glass. That was her exciting travel moment.

I think for both of us, the Singapore night safari was the highlight of our trip to Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

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