Sinking ships and vacation proposal

A few days ago I wrote about The Explorer in Antarctica. Well, here’s an article about the vacation experience from one of the passengers. Certainly not your typical vacation experience, but it seems to have been a happy one for this passenger.

And for all you romantics out there “there was some unexpected good news as a Danish couple got engaged while in the lifeboat.” I guess that will be a good story when people ask about the proposal. Who wouldn’t be impressed to hear about a proposal in a lifeboat in Antarctica?

Does anyone here have a vacation proposal story to share?

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  1. kimbosita says:

    at the top of mount olympus in greece – after two long days of climbing, i was filthy and exhausted – the perfect time for a marriage proposal! beautiful setting though – and it makes a great story 😉

  2. James Trotta says:

    That is a great proposal!

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