Snow ruining vacations in Europe (or is it just money?)

Here are a couple of travelers explaining how the snow in Europe has left their vacation plans (and budgets) in shambles. It seems to be a money issue in both cases. A couple on their honeymoon was stuck in Paris (couldn’t get to London where they had prepaid for a hotel). First, getting stuck in Paris doesn’t sound too terrible. Second, they could have gotten traveler’s insurance (though losing a few nights hotel shouldn’t be a life-changing financial setback unless it was one of the world’s most expensive). Third, they ended up at the woman’s mother’s house in Sweden. That sounds alright too.

So while I feel bad for a couple that has their honeymoon messed up, this particular case does not sound so extreme.

The second story is someone stuck in Milan who only has enough money for food. No hotel money means sleeping in the airport. Now it does not say where Rebecca Brown is from, but if you’re in a foreign country with barely enough money for food you’d better be a pretty resilient traveler. I guess I sympathize because this traveler was going to Spain to see family and sometimes seeing your family might be worth spending every cent you have so you end up in a foreign country with basically no money.

And it might be me losing money next. I fly into Amsterdam Dec. 29th and then head to Paris Jan. 2, 2010. Then onto Luxembourg and we’ve paid for hotels in all those cities so if we couldn’t reach one of them we could be out some money. But say we get stuck in Amsterdam or Paris – we just have to try to make the most of it and not worry too much about losing money on hotels (we don’t have travel insurance though now my wife wants to start shopping for some…)

I guess it’s time to start watching BBC weather…

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