Snowmageddon spreading delays and snowballs

If you don’t have to travel or if you got lucky and your plans did not get interrupted, I suppose the snow (snowmageddon) could be fun:

For many people, however, the snow meant trouble. I know I have a friend here in Korea who waited at the airport for 7 hours for her boyfriend’s flight to get going. He was going to Washington DC.

This article mentions that this is a case when having a travel agent could be a huge help. Good luck trying to get one of those online companies to help you out but a good travel agent might be able to do something for you. I do like Orbitz some since they invited me to Chicago and fueled my ego a bit but what could they do in a situation like this? And we’ve heard the stories about travelocity

Anyway, I hope all of you made it to wherever you’re going safely. big vacation or just a Super Bowl get-together, enjoy!

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