So this is why you need a travel agent

I just received my Compass Rewards NCL coupons and now I need to book a cruise with them. I can choose between Norwegian Cruise Line, NCL America, Orient Lines (which seems to be defunct), or Star cruises.

The coupons actually say you need to use a travel agent and they have a special form on the back which the travel agent has to fill out. But even if it wasn’t required, I would still need a travel agent.

I am not sure how the coupons work – I was told I’d get a 2 category, 2 person upgrade by Bank of America, but I actually got 4 coupons – each a 1 person, 1 category upgrade coupon and each says it is good for either inside to inside stateroom or outside to outside stateroom. From reading the coupons it actually sounds impossible to get a 2 category upgrade but perhaps the travel agent will know something I don’t.

I was looking at the NCL July 6-12 cruise out of New York. From the NCL site it looked like categories went: inside, outside, balcony, suite. So I was thinking buy an outside room and get a suite with the coupons but now I know that was overly optimistic. Maybe I should have talked to a travel agent before actually getting the coupons so I could have gotten the most out of them…

I contacted Linda Bator who often leaves comments on this blog. I will let you know how things turn out…

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  1. Julie says:

    I think the room upgrades on a cruise ship just mean you go up into the next category, which mean you might move to a higher deck or maybe you might move more midship or a slightly larger room. So if you booked and inside room on deck 3, maybe you could move up to deck ten, still in an inside room. and that would put you up 2 categories. If you ever saw the diagram of the ship showing you all the individual rooms using different colors per category. Each color will be an upgrade.

  2. Terri Stevens says:

    Hi James, I work for NCL as a Personal Cruise Consultant and would be happy to talk to you further about all your coupons etc. You can reach me at 866-234-0292 x7281. Don’t worry, it is not as complicated as it seems!

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