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This article told me something I didn’t know but that doesn’t surprise me: “This year, a quarter-million singles 42 and older will spend more than $28 billion on travel, according to an AARP survey.”

I often get requests for more articles on solo travel but it’s tough. They don’t seem to make the newspapers that often and when I travel I usually bring my wife (though she is threatening to send me to Amsterdam alone on my birthday this year since flights are getting more and more expensive – somehow, especially given Amsterdam’s reputation, I think she’ll end up coming).

Anyway, the result is that I don’t write about solo travel that often on here. But that has to change. There are too many solo travelers and I will be a solo traveler again since there are things I want to do that my wife has no interest in. Of course I might end up going with a friend like I did when I went to Taiwan and Hong Kong, but I might also end up traveling alone.

So this is the first entry in a new solo travel category. This article talks about some of the single supplements, some of the explanations (the hotel room costs what it costs if you’re alone or with someone), some of the frustrations (why is double occupancy an inviolable law?), and some solutions.

Solutions include companies that try to attract solo travelers. In some cases it sounds more like rewording the single supplement:

Club1, which arranges singles events in Kansas City, Mo., St. Louis and Richmond, Va., also puts together vacations for singles. The prices are per person. Period.

Guests who share can get a discount.

So solo travelers still pay more. This hotel in Crete sounds a bit better:

…the Mistral, a small, family-run hotel in Crete that has been hosting single travelers exclusively for 13 years. Prices are per person, single occupancy, in double rooms.

There are very few cruise options if you want to avoid the single supplement. The article mentions Tauck World Discovery and General Tours World Traveler as possibilities.

They also briefly mention sharing a room with a stranger but I think we need better alternatives…

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