Solo travel planning keys & learning on vacation

This article on solo vacations says that the keys are stretching your comfort zone slightly, arranging to have some company, and learning something:

I find it tricky booking a solo vacation. It is about defining your comfort zone — and perhaps stepping out of it. It is about being independent but, at times, having company. One thing that works for me is to book a trip with a focus — learn a language, have a soft adventure, brush up on your yoga or cook and eat in Italy.

I’ve talked about the importance of learning something on vacation before. I’m still trying to talk my wife into a Thai massage course in Thailand, or an Italian course in Italy (would love to return to Rome, see Milan for the first time, or maybe head back to Perugia for someplace different and nostalgic), or a Spanish course in Spain (never been to Barcelona) or possibly another Spanish speaking country.

Along the same lines, this article talks about a vacation experience where people learn golf or other things:

…learning getaways are on the upswing with vacationers not content to just sit on the beach sipping mojitos….Besides golf school, I’ve participated in cooking classes, snowboarding lessons, sailing schools, white-water rafting and flyfishing instructions and an array of getaways in which learning a new skill became a highlight of the excursion.

At the end of that article they have a resources list that includes information on where to buy learning vacations including vocation vacations which I mentioned about a year ago.

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  1. m. jones says:

    I have found when vacationing alone, it is cheaper for me to book hotel and airfare separately, as many times I will avoid the single supplement that you will find when trying to book a package deal (on land/air trips, I haven’t cruised).

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