Some scary places to visit!

Yes — it’s that time of the year again! With Halloween just around the corner, I wondered what were considered to be the most haunted places in the world. There is no shortage of sites that claim to list some of the most haunted places — this web site lists a dozen of the most haunted in the US, including such predictably eerie places as Gettysburg battlefield, Alcatraz prison and the quirky Winchester House, near San Jose, Ca.

New Orleans is generally considered to be the most haunted city in the United States — at least 10 hotels in the city are reported to be haunted, and several companies offer ghost themed walking tours. I have been on one of the ghost walks and it was quite fascinating. It also seems as though New Orleans is quite a place to spend Halloween!

Other cities with more than their fair share of ghostly inhabitants include Charleston, SC, Savannah, Ga and Salem, Ma, famous for the witch trials held there during the 17th century. Salem is also quite a place in which to celebrate Halloween, with witch and ghost themed events happening throughout October, culminating with the town’s official Witches Ball on Halloween night.

But the most haunted place in the world is apparently the city of York in England which has a total of 504 recorded ghostly sightings, according to the Ghost Research Foundation International. And York is also home to the oldest ghost — the famous Roman Legionnaires that are supposedly seen marching through the Treasurer’s House. At least six companies offer ghostly walking tours of York, costing around $8 per person — although they don’t actually guarantee a ghost sighting.

But if you really want to communicate with the other side, you should visit the small community of Lily Dale, NY. This town is populated and run entirely by spiritualists — over 40 registered mediums live and work in the town. Lily Dale attracts around 22,000 visitors each year.

Happy Halloween, wherever you are celebrating!

Guest entry by Mancunian

I’d just like to add a couple of notes. First I have a friend in New Orleans doing a masters in social work who says it’s getting more dangerous to live there. She lives in what should be (used to be) a nice neighborhood but now when she goes outside for a smoke at night she’s afraid to turn a light on. She made it sound like you wouldn’t really want to visit just yet, though I’m sure plenty of the touristy spots are safe.

Then just some old related blog entries: ghost hunting vacations and Haunted places.

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